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Level 2
Level 3
Master / Teacher
Animal Reiki

Level 1

Introduction To Reiki

The focus of this 8 hour class is self-treatment. During level one, the students are introduced to:

  • The history of Reiki

  • What Reiki is and how it works

  • The five Reiki principles

  • Attunement to the Reiki energy

  • Hand positions for healing self and others

  • Practise time to both give and receive Reiki

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Introduction To Reiki


Level 2

Expanding Your Knowledge

This 8 hour class increases your connection with Reiki energy. The focus is on:

  • Attunement to the first three Reiki symbols and how to use them

  • Practise time to draw each symbol

  • Several techniques for distance healing

  • Method for healing unwanted habits

  • Gassho meditation

  • Practise time to both give and receive Reiki using the three symbols

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Expanding Your Knowledge


Level 3

Deepening Your Connection

The focus of this 8 hour class is on spiritual development. Students are introduced to:

  • Attunement to the Master symbol

  • Practise time to draw the symbol

  • Review of level I and II class material

  • Advanced study of Reiki exploring the meaning of Oneness with Universal energy

  • Practise time to both give and receive Reiki using all four symbols

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Deepening Your Connection


Master/Teacher Level

This class is for those who wish to become Reiki Masters/Teachers. This is the final level of the system of Reiki, but it marks the beginning of a life–long path that will richly reward you should you continue to bring its teachings into your daily life.

Please contact Sabine for further information about the Master/Teacher level.

Animal Reiki

This is a mostly hands-on class with some theory and hand-outs on our farm where students learn how to give Reiki to farm animals and pets. A minimum of Reiki Level I is required to participate. Duration approximately 2 ½ hours.

Please contact Sabine for further information.

Animal Reiki Class


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