“Since I took Sabine’s Level 1 Reiki class, my whole family has benefit. I have been doing daily practice on myself, and I find it very relaxing, and soothing on aches and pains. My elderly dog licks his lips with enjoyment when I give him reiki. I have a son who has ASD and ADHD and has a hard time sitting still and being relaxed. The day I came home from the reiki class, he came down with a fever/cold. That night I gave him reiki before bed, and by the next morning, no more fever. I continued daily reiki and he was completely better by day 4. That’s record time for him. He’s been asking for reiki nightly before bed ever since! When I take my hands off, he grabs them and puts them back on, wanting the session to continue.
It’s helped him unwind at the end of the day, and is a welcome addition to our routine. My husband notices it helps his aches and pains as well. Sabine was very knowledgeable, and I very much enjoyed attending the class. I felt she had taught me everything I needed to be comfortable with my reiki skills. ”

Ashly M.

Langley, BC

“Sabine is a naturally-born healer. Her grounded perseverance to sustain deep soul contact is precious and rare. From this foundation, we have identified and dismantled hidden patterns in my energy field. She is a clear, trustworthy and gifted healer.”

Laya Shriaberg

Energy Healer and Massage Therapist, Bellingham, Wa

“Sabine is a Reiki Master by training and certification, as well as a Master of the healing arts and shamanic practices to which I can attest to all. Her focused energy and attention on the person before her, encompasses their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs. Their comfort and healing is her priority. Her connection to the Divine, her ancestors, intuition and knowledge of energy and how it works and moves or doesn’t in the body are her resources and tools. I used her services when I lived in Bellingham, WA and enjoyed the hour drive across the border to work with her. When I moved to Arizona, I was skeptical about long distance Reiki treatments, but I thought I’d give it a try and I was not disappointed. I felt her healing presence and the flow of energy through the affected parts of my body, just as if I had been in her treatment room in Aldergrove. Another time, we did a session by SKYPE to remove a painful blockage in my digestive tract. With this mode of treatment, I was able to watch her work via my computer screen. Since I wasn’t there in person, Sabine created a faux me, so that she could replicate the session as if I was there in person. I saw the focus and intensity on her face as she worked, and I watched the gentleness with which she placed her hands on my makeshift body. I have been free of that pain ever since and it’s been about six months now. I can’t say enough about Sabine and all her many gifts, other than to recommend her highly and without reservation of any kind.”

Anita L.

“I knew my cat Otis was a real character. Sabine’s reading filled out his personality even more. She really got him. Having her perspective gave me a better understanding of him in a deeper and connected way.”

Karin K

Vancouver, BC

“I have to say I was a little skeptical about Sabine “reading” my cat. What would she tell me he said? Did he need a bigger cat tower or more special treats? But after hearing what she shared and seeing how he changed for the better after my husband and I followed her suggestions, all skepticism went out the door.
I believe that our animals have things to say and will act out if their “voice” isn’t heard. I’m glad that I was able to find a way to listen, and Sabine helped me do that. Our kitty had always been a shy, skittish kitty with a mean streak – lots of biting and scratching and hiding. My husband and I knew how to be with him, but then we changed our living arrangements and things seemed to go from not so great to pretty bad. After Sabine’s reading we noticed a dramatic change. He is still a skittish kitty, but he sleeps with us all night now. He is much more loving, drools when laying on our chests and gently head-butts us for attention. He still bites. I think this is just who he is, but it seems to be only when we’ve been gone on vacation and he’s not interacted with us on a daily basis. He seems calmer and much more at ease. I’m thankful for Sabine and for her gift, as I always wondered what my kitty had to say. I’ll be having her read our dog soon too.”

B. Villagran

Everett, Wa

“I have known Sabine for several years and have always found her gentle yet focused when it comes to issues of health, environment and personal growth. Sabine is what I would call an ‘Earth Mother’ with a grounded approach to life as well as the healing process of Reiki. Most notably she doesn’t interject her own notions onto the client but facilitates the Reiki process in a way that helps the client to a positive result. Sabine always listens closely to her clients, and may use this as a launching off point for a session, but never lets previous information (or lack of information) limit her during a Reiki session. I have personally found that Sabine’s technique is one in which she is guided to facilitate the energies to do what is beneficial, and stays guided within the process as it is unfolding, no matter where it takes her. All of this is to the benefit of clients like me. The way Sabine approaches Reiki healing has provided excellent results for me. The outcome was much better than I could have hoped for. I felt better right away on the physical level and on the emotional level as well. It is months later now and I still feel the benefits of my last session.”


Langley, BC

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