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Sabine Olsen

I am a certified Reiki Master of the Usui tradition, Animal Communicator and Shamanic Practitioner. I am registered with the Canadian Reiki Association (CRA) and have been in practice since 2008. I live on a hobby farm in Aldergrove near Vancouver, British Columbia with my husband. Together we grow and produce most of our food. Growing, preparing, and eating our own food is a way of staying healthy and an important part of my personal healing philosophy. It attunes me to the seasons and the cycle of life.

My introduction to Reiki was by my yoga teacher about 15 years ago. After completing Level 3, I supported a friend for two years who was undergoing cancer treatment with hands-on and distance Reiki. The Reiki gave her ease through her illness and eventual transition. When my beloved older dog, Tessa was in some distress from aging, I tried Reiki and could see that the treatments relieved her pain and increased the quality of her life. We were graced with her loving company for many more years and I attribute that to the healing power of Reiki.

From an early age, my intuition was always a great resource and ally. Over the years my intuitive awareness has deepened and I discovered that I could hear what animals had to say and they could hear my thoughts. I came to understand that animals respond to the power of healing touch in wordless ways. They may display strange or inappropriate behaviours or manifest unusual illnesses. Reiki and/or animal communication can change or eliminate these behaviours. Animals can sometimes take on issues and problems of their owners just as humans unconsciously take on family patterns from their family of origin.

While looking into my own family through Systemic Family Constellations I discovered that constellations can provide valuable insight and understanding to animal owners as well and eliminate the need for their pets or companion animals to display these unwanted behaviours.

I continue to deepen my study of Systemic Family Constellations and integrate this into my Reiki practice. This work enriches my intuition and compassion. It is an important foundation in my practice. It confirms to me how we all belong; how important a balance of giving and receiving is, and to trust in the flow of life.

My discovery that shamanism began in my own European culture thousands of years ago led me to study with Joanna Schmidt in Bellingham. I claim my gift as a healer through my heritage. I believe that healing and living harmoniously with nature is my birthright and also my responsibility. I now offer Shamanic Reiki sessions in person or via Skype to my human and animal clients who are ready to let go of long standing issues with very encouraging results.

My grandfather was a master baker. Although I never met him, I think he would agree with me that baking requires sensitive hands. I use my hands to replicate his love and art of baking, but most importantly my sensitive hands are used for healing. I give thanks to my baker grandfather, my parents and all my ancestors for passing these gifts and life on to me

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